Defeat The Nifty - Learn about the INDIAN STOCK MARKET, using our free to play BSE SENSEX & NIFTY share market game, with cash prizes for the best performers.

We have a new site, with the latest live share market prices from the National stock change and the Bombay stock change, known as the bse and NSE.

The SENSEX is traded on the BSE, and the NIFTY on the BSE.

Click on a company and research its background, looking at its live stock price, compare this particular to its 52 week high and low, and see how this plots on the intra-day and historical share price graphs.

Ask yourself, how has this business performed in the past relative to the NIFTY & sensex

Then use our considerable stock news section to learn more regarding the personal company’s news, and how this relates to the general news about the stock market.

We have evaluation for the 200 big companies listed on the BSE SENSEX & nse NIFTY.